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PD Dr Markus Reiners
Associate Professor (PD) - Political Scientist MA
I´m an Associate Professor (PD) and a Political Scientist. I´m inter alia working at the University of Hanover, Institute of Political Science.

I am a Political Scientist, focused especially on Public Policy, Comparative Policy Analysis, Multi-Level Governance and Administration. I hold a master's degree (Magister Artium/ M.A.) in Political Science (major), Jurisprudence and Psychology (with consolidation studies in Sociology and Philosophy), a doctoral degree/PhD (Dr. phil.) in Political Science and Administrative Science, a postdoctoral degree (Dr. habil.) in Political Science from the Leibniz University of Hanover and an Associate Professorship (PD) in Political Science from the same University at the Institute of Political Science. Formerly I have previously worked - amongst others and for instance - as a researcher and lecturer at the Open University of Hagen or the University of Constance.

Note: Political Science is not only an international scientific discipline, I´m also acting in an international context. Therefore, the following pages are presented in english. Some essential downloads also can be found in german.