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Political Scientist MA




Contact details                                                                                       




Phone: +49.174.3029994






Essential current positions and activities                                                       



Leibniz University of Hanover, Political Science Department


Government Advisor

Ministry of the Interior Baden-Wuerttemberg



State Capital Stuttgart




Professional experience in science and administration                                                      


Privatdozent of Political Science

Leibniz University of Hanover, Political Science Department (6/2016 to present)


Government Advisor

Public Sector, especially several Ministries, i.a. as Project Executive, in particular Ministry of the Interior Baden-Wuerttemberg, Executive Staff/Headquarter, Internal Security Department (1/2000 to 5/2016), at last (since 6/2016) Digitization Department, temporary bwcon Special Interest Group Smart City


Researcher, Scientific Policy Advisor, Board of Directors: Director and Managing Director

Former scientific Think Tank Public Policy Competence Center - Expertise Hub of eDemocracy, State Modernization and Reform Policy, i.a. Director and Managing Director (1/2015 to 12/2021)


Candidate for Lord Mayor

Candidate for Lord Mayor above party lines, support from Christian Democratic Union, Free Voters, Free Democratic Party, Daimler-City Schorndorf (9/2021 to 11/2021)


Associate Lecturer, Postdoctoral Researcher of Political Science

Leibniz University of Hanover, Political Science Department (4/2010 to 5/2016)


Researcher, Scientific Policy Advisor, Steering Committee: Executive Director/CEO

Former scientific Think Tank Inposico Institute Stuttgart - Public Sector Research Center and Advisory Group, Co-Founder and predominantly Dean (7/2003 to 3/2014)


Associate Lecturer of Administrative and Public Management Science

Ludwigsburg University of Public Administration and Finance, Faculty of Management and Law (3/2009 to 2/2014)


Scientific Reviewer, Lecturer of Political Science

HfPol Baden-Wuerttemberg, i.a. Political Science Department (5/2011 to 8/2012 and 2008)


Associate Lecturer, Researcher of Political and Administrative Science

University of Constance, Department of Politics and Public Administration (4/2008 to 2/2010)


Associate Lecturer of Administrative Science

Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen, Institute of Political Science (4/2009 to 7/2009 and 4/2008 to 7/2008)


Associate Lecturer, Doctoral Researcher of Political and Administrative Science

Open University of Hagen, Institute of Political Science (10/2006 to 3/2009) and former Department of Political Regulation and Governance (8/2003 to 12/2007)


Public Employee

After professional education/graduate studies, Member of the Regional Government Council/Presidium Stuttgart (to 9/1991 and 5/1994 to 12/1999), accompanied by postgraduate studies, cp. below


Speaker, Reviewer, Editorial Boards, List Places/Calls and Funds/Grants/Awards

Speaker in the field of major research projects. Reviewer and editorial boards of several refereed journals, several list places and one rejected call to a professorship, as well as various third party funds/grants and (best paper) awards




Political experience, Supervisory and Advisory Boards, Administrative and other Councils, Association Meetings, Managing Boards, Executive Committees, Advisory Service and so on (selected)



TVB Stuttgart: Advisory Board Member (5/2022 to present)



Fanprojekt Stuttgart e.V.: Advisory Board Member, VfB Stuttgart and Stuttgarter Kickers (7/2019 to present)



Hafen Stuttgart GmbH: Supervisory Board Member (7/2014 to present)



Zweckverband RBB: Member of the Confederation/Association Meeting (7/2014 to present)


Administrative Councilor

Stuttgarter Philharmoniker: Administrative Council Member (7/2014 to present, representative)


Councilor, Speaker, Vice-Chair, Executive Board

State Capital Stuttgart: Member of the council and several commissions (6/2008 to present - mandate interruption 8/2009 to 6/2014). Speaker of Sports (7/2019 to present) and Security (7/2014 to present), Executive Board and fractional Vice-Chair (7/2019 to 1/2022)


Head, Vice-Chairs, Managing Boards

Executive committees of organizations and associations of the Christian Democratic Union (4/2002 to 11/2021). Alternate candidate, Landtag Baden-Wuerttemberg, electoral district 4 (2011) and call for candidacy, German Bundestag, electoral district 259 (2021)


Administrative Councilor

Zweckverband RBB: Administrative Council Member (7/2014 to 5/2020, since 7/2019 representative)



Theater der Altstadt im Westen e.V.: Advisory Board Member (7/2014 to 7/2019)


Administrative Councilor

Wuerttembergische Staatstheater, up to date: Die Staatstheater Stuttgart: Administrative Council Member (6/2008 to 7/2009)


Regional Advisor

EnBW Regional AG Stuttgart, up to date: Netze BW GmbH: Regional Advisory Board Member (6/2008 to 7/2009)


Also several former Memberships, Executive Boards, Advisory Boards, Chairs and so on

Memberships (e.g. DVPW, IPSA/AISP), executive boards, advisory boards and chairs in different areas, functions as Trustee/Shareholder as well as call for candidacy (2019, withdrawn), Chairman/President (e.V.), and Supervisor/Chairman (AG), VfB Stuttgart 1893




Qualification record and academic degrees                                                                                   


General qualification of university entrance (A-levels) & graduate studies

Diploma and State Examination (similar to a Bachelor of Arts/BA) in Public Management Science, HfPol Baden-Wuerttemberg (1994)


Postgraduate studies

Magister Artium/M.A. (similar to a Master of Arts/MA) in Political Science (major), Psychology and Jurisprudence (minors), consolidations studies in Sociology and Philosophy, Open University of Hagen, grade 1,2 (2003)


Doctoral studies

Doctor of Philosophy, PhD/Dr. phil. in Political Science and Administrative Science, ibd., grade 1,0/magna cum laude (2007)


Postdoctoral studies

Doctor habilitatus/Dr. habil. and Venia Legendi (PD/Priv.-Doz.) in Political Science, Leibniz University of Hanover (2016)