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Associate Professor - Political Scientist MA








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Current position                                                                                    


Associate Professorship

Leibniz University of Hanover, Institute of Political Science (6/2016 to present)


Government Advisor

State Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Digitization-Area (7/2016 to present)



Professional academic experience                                                                                       


Associate Professorship in Political Science

Leibniz University of Hanover, Institute of Political Science (6/2016 to present)


Researcher, Scientific Policy Advisor (1/2015 to present)/Board of Directors and Director (1/2016 to present) as well as formerly Dean/Managing Director (1/2016 to 12/2018) of the Think Tank Public Policy Association, Competence Center of Digitization, Modernization and Reform Policy

[Website and institution currently under reorganization]


Associate Lecturer and Postdoctoral Researcher in Political and Administrative Science

Leibniz University of Hanover, Institute of Political Science (4/2010 to 5/2016)


Researcher and Scientific Policy Advisor, Steering Committee

Former Inposico Institute Stuttgart, Public Sector Research Center and Advisory Group, Co-Founder and predominantly Dean/Executive Director (7/2003 to 3/2014)


Associate Lecturer in Administrative and Public Management Science

Ludwigsburg University of Public Administration and Finance, Faculty of Management and Law (3/2009 to 2/2014)


Scientific Reviewer and Lecturer in Political and Social Science

Police University of Baden-Wuerttemberg, inter alia Faculty of Social Sciences (5/2011 to 8/2012 and 2008)


Associate Lecturer and Researcher in Political and Administrative Science

Excellence-University of Constance, Department of Politics and Public Administration (4/2008 to 2/2010)


Associate Lecturer in Administrative and Public Management Science

Excellence-University of Tuebingen, Institute of Political Science (4/2009 to 7/2009 and 4/2008 to 7/2008)


Associate Lecturer and Mentor, Associate Researcher in Political and Administrative Science

Open University of Hagen, Institute of Political Science (10/2006 to 3/2009). Associate Researcher (ibd.), former Department of Political Regulation and Governance (8/2003 to 12/2007)


Scientific Reviewer in Political and Administrative Science

Member of several review panels, e.g. Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (ZPol), Journal of Political Science, Nomos


Teaching experience

Comprehensive educational experience in political, administrative and public management science, taught in German and English, in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses (top marks in teaching evaluations received from students)



Further professional experience, functions, memberships and skills selected                                                                                     


Government Advisor

Government Advisor, State Ministry of the Interior of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Federal Republic of Germany (predominantly). For now member of the Digitization-Area (inter alia Speaker for Europe, Federal Republic of Germany, Science and Digital-Academy). As a member of the ministry temporarily supporting other departments of the Ministry of the Interior, e.g. Department 3, associated Executive Staff/Operational Headquarter, and other public institutions/ministries so far, e.g. State Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Baden Wuerttemberg, Federal Republic of Germany. There, member of the Department 2, Executive Director/Managerial Head of a large scale government-project (1/2000 to present)


Public Employee

After professional education/graduate studies in Public Management Science, member of the Regional Government Council/Presidium Stuttgart (different areas, several staff and line functions; to 9/1991 and 5/1994 to 12/1999), accompanied by postgraduate studies (cp. below)


Supervisory and Advisory Boards, Administrative Councils, Association Meetings and so on


Oceanergy AG, Berlin: Scientific Policy Advisor, Political Operations, Government Relations and Public Affairs (8/2018 to present)


Capital City Parliament of Stuttgart: Councilman (7/2014 to present and 6/2008 to 7/2009)


Hafen Stuttgart GmbH: Supervisor (7/2014 to present)


Zweckverband RBB: Administrative Councelor and Advisor of the Confederation (7/2014 to present)


3MFutur Property Trust, South Africa: Trustee/Shareholder and Director (6/2013 to present)


Further various advisory board and administrative council manda­tes in the area of economy and society, inter alia Board of the former Wuerttembergische Staatstheater (up to date: Die Staatstheater Stuttgart). Administrative Councelor (to 7/2009)


Christian Democratic Union of Stuttgart: Several Managing Boards/Executive Committees. Head, Vice-Chair and Board of working committees, political associations and boards of the party (4/2002 to present). Inter alia alternate candidate for parliament, Parliament of the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, electoral district Stuttgart Neckar (elections 3/2011)


3MFuture Ltd., Europe and South Africa: Scientific Policy Advisor, Division of Research, Political Operations, Government Relations and Public Affairs (5/2011 to 12/2015)


Former EnBW Regional AG Stuttgart (up to date: Netze BW GmbH): Regional Advisor (6/2008 to 7/2009)


Professional associations

Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft (DVPW), International Political Science Association/Association Internationale de Science Politique (IPSA/AISP)


Software / IT

Comprehensive knowledge (standard and special software)


Working languages perfectly written and spoken

German and English



Qualification record and degrees                                                                                   


General qualification of university entrance (A-levels, Wangen im Allgäu) & graduate studies

Diploma & state examination (equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts/BA) in Public Management Science, HfPol BW (10/1991 to 4/1994)


Postgraduate studies

Magister Artium/M.A. (equivalent to a Master of Arts/MA) in Political Science (major), Psychology & Jurisprudence (minors), consolidations studies in Sociology & Philosophy, Open University of Hagen, grade 1,2 (10/1996 to 7/2003)


Doctoral studies

Doctor of Philosophy, PhD/Dr. phil. in Political Science & Administrative Science, ibd., grade 1,0/magna cum laude (8/2003 to 12/2007)


Postdoctoral studies

Doctor Habilitatus/Dr. habil. in Political Science (6/2016), Associate Professorship