Research focal points


My academic career inspired me to extensive scientific research, which is part of an international network of researchers. My scientific interests, fields of activity and research focal points can be classified as follows:



  • By Teaching: Political/Administrative Science at the gateway to Public Management Science

  • Modernizing State, Public Administration and Local Authorities in the EU, Modernization and Sustainability of States in the Arena between Public and Private Sector, Social Change and Public Sector Reforms

  • Public Policy and Steering, Organizational Behavior, Political Theories, Multi-level Governance, Polycentric Governance, Digitalization, E-Government, E-Democracy/E-Voting, Political Communication, Interaction and Decision-making, Political Learning

  • Policy Analysis/Comparative Research of Structures and Institutions, of embedded Constellations of corporate Political-Administrative Actors, as well as institutional Change (Polities), Processes (Politics), and Policies (Germany, German Federal States, Local Authorities, Switzerland and Austria, also other western/eastern EU-Countries)

  • Actor, Institutional and Organizational Theories (inter alia: New Institutionalism)
  • Scientific Methodology (qualitative as well as quantitative Paradigm)