Further professional experience




In addition to my comprehensive scientific commitment I still worked for various institutions. Therefore I´m a scientist with diverse practical know-how. Hence I count myself to „cross-frontier scientists“. I previously worked and I work – parallel connected – for example



  • as a Researcher, a Scientific Policy Advisor and temporary as a Managing Director on the Steering Committee of the former organization Inposico Institute – Public Research Center and Advisory Group, and now also temporary as a Managing Director and a Research Director on the Board of Directors of the Think Tank Public Policy Competence Pool
  • as an Advisor and a Translator of the 3MFuture Ltd. in Europe and South Africa
  • as a Director, a Trustee and a Shareholder of the 3MFuture Property Trust in South Africa
  • as an Advisor of the Confederation and an Administrative Councelor of the Zweckverband RBB
  • or for instance – in an „own empirical field study“ – even as a politician, e.g. as a Councilman for the Parliament of the Capital City Stuttgart



Further institutions and details are available from my CV.